Quote of the Day
"Be a student as long as you still have something to learn, and this will mean all your life"
           -Henry L. Doherty

 Community and Student Engagement Ratings Criteria (CASE)


John F. Kennedy Elementary School
500 W. Ciro Caceres St.
Elsa, Texas 78543

            Phone: (956) 262-4751          
Fax: (956) 262-6029

GT Nominations Feb. 1-17, 2017
Pick up forms with your teacher or room G-4

Vision Statement

"Inspire others to excel by the courage of your example"

John F. Kennedy Elementary School's vision is to enable students to make the transition from dependence to independence in a secure, stimulating, and multicultural environment.  Through a challenging curriculum and positive atmosphere, students will strive for academic excellence, develop a love of  learning and create a strong vision of the possibilities for their futures.  The students will be empowered to contribute their skills and talents to an ever-changing society

Classrooms with Perfect Attendance last Week
1st Grade: A1,A5
2nd Grade: B1,B2,B5
3rd Grade:D2,D5
4th Grade: 
5th Grade: F4

Total Enrollment 484
Total Attendance 98.47%

Keep Up the Great Work Students!

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